Black and White

by JB and the Dirty Three

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"Black and White" is our first release as a band. This EP is extremely significant to us because it represents our growth; not only as musicians, but as human-beings as well.

Most of this EP was recorded in a tiny cabin in the middle of the woods in Dixon county, Tennessee. The rest was recorded in dorm rooms or classrooms at Belmont University. Except for Gravy's verse in Postconcieved Notion, there was no overdubbing in these recordings. What you hear is exactly what we played! While we didn't have professional studio space to use for this project, our audio engineers, Ian Miller and Chris Baldani did a fantastic job of making this EP sound like a professional quality piece of work.

"A Taste of Heaven" was composed by pianist Ian Miller. This hard-hitting 7/8-feel tune was inspired by jazz titans of the 21st century, Joshua Redman and Brad Mehldau.

"Postconceived Notion" was written by me. It came from the idea that many people have preconceived notions about jazz music. Certain individuals think that jazz is this or jazz is that.. The goal of this song was to be as forward thinking as possible to create a postconceived notion for the listener about this great genre of music. Gravy Wenrich of the Lonely Biscuits (Previously known as Gravy and the Biscuits) was kind enough to loan us his voice and rhymes for this track. He came into Ian's dorm room to record it and nailed it on the second take.

"Oakdale" was also written by me. This song was originally written to pay an homage to the street in California that I grew up on. The sweetness and innocence of the melody relates back to a time when things were simpler.

"Blackbird" is the only cover that we included on this EP. It was originally written by the Beatles. Ian and I decided to try and create a jazzy piano/sax duet version of the song. Hopefully it does the song justice!

"Zymotic" was written by bassist Calvin Knowles and I. Calvin presented this epic 7/8 bassline to us in a rehearsal one day, and that night, I wrote out a melody for it. This track features an incredible upright bass intro and a stunning piano solo in the middle of the song.

"More Moore" was originally developed by Ian Miller and drummer Miles Miller. The track was inspired by New Orleans' own Stanton Moore. Shortly after recording this song, Stanton gave Miles 4 after show passes to the Galactic show in Nashville. We hung out with the band and talked to Stanton for a couple of hours. If you haven't heard Galactic, get off of this page and get to YouTube. You're welcome in advance...

From the bottom of my heart, I really hope you enjoy these songs. We put countless hours into the production of this EP. If you like what you hear, send this page to anyone who you think might be interested! Spread the love. Keep it real. PEACE! Later. Until next time. Goodbye.

-Jake Botts


released May 14, 2012

JB and the Dirty Three:
Jake Botts- Alto and Tenor Saxophones
Ian Miller- Keys
Calvin Knowles- Bass
Miles Miller- Drums

recording- Chris Baldani and Ian Miller
mixing- Chris Baldani and Ian Miller
album art- Ian Miller
photography- Jeremy Dilley
web design- Jake Botts and Ian Miller

**No one over the age of 19 was involved in this production**



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JB and the Dirty Three Nashville, Tennessee

JB and the Dirty Three provide a refreshing take on jazz, soul, hip-hop, and funk. The group draws inspiration from past musical genres while maintaining a goal of creating cutting-edge music.

Jake Botts- Alto/Tenor Saxophones
Ian Miller- Keys
Calvin Knowles- Bass
Miles Miller- Drums
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